HTF and True Partnership

As a true grassroots organization, HTF never tells our partners what they are supposed to be doing. We always begin our collaborative conversations by asking, “How can we help you? What do you need?” In addition to funding for initiatives that meet our strict criteria, HTF also walks alongside our partners with encouragement and true partnership. The aftermath we certainly heard of some specific requests.  
·        Michael Geilenfeld, founder and leader of the St. Joseph’s family, asked if we could send strong men to work with Haitians in demolishing the home at Delmas 91. First an HTF group from Colorado went and was followed by a group for Georgia. These people gave a week of their lives to taking down this six story structure by hand. The only pieces of machinery were dump trucks that received the debris one bucket load at a time.
·        The St. Joseph’s family also asked if we could provide ongoing leadership development and mentorship for their five member leadership team. Sitting in the Lekol sen Trinitè facility, funded by HTF, in Jacmel on April 28th, our own Rick Barger, along with Rhonda Bostrom and Brian Rindels engaged the team with the foundations of authentic servant-leadership. Each of these five leaders – Maya, Bill, Walnes, Jacky, and Melchi – have HTF mentors who check in with them weekly. 
·        The community of Jacmel asked for assistance with dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Our own Verbo Jean-Julien has been regularly provided leadership, and in April, members of the HTF Leadership Team, who have specific expertise in this area were able to sit with leaders and workers, along with a clinic psychologist with Medicin sans Frontieres Haiti, and conduct a seminar on the subject and pledged ongoing support.
·        With the tragic deaths of promising students Marc Erline Dezulma and Evenson Jean in the earthquake, H.E.L.P. invited our own Rick Barger to co-officiate with Monsignor Andrè Pierre, President of the Université Notre Dame d'Haïti at a memorial service on April 30th. It was an emotionally-charged event and an overflow-capacity crowd. Attending with Pastor Barger from HTF was our Brian Rindels and Verbo Jean-Julien.