Congregational Playbook

Dear Existing and Potential Partners in the HTF Movement:

The HTF Playbook can function in a number of ways.  It's primary purpose is to serve as a primer for congregations considering partnering with HTF.  

It is also a road map for congregations on what resources are availabe to them as they prayerfully consider taking the next step and what happens when they do. 

Finally, it is a field book and, in the spirit of a field book, you should feel free to pick where you'd like to start.  It need not be read in the order in which it is organized.

The HTF Congregational Playbook is built upon the premise that if congregations can understand the scope and magnitude of HTF's work, it will be compelled to join in one of the best grassroots organizations working in Haiti today.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

In the meantime, enjoy digging in to the HTF Congregational Playbook, and listening to the voice of God's leading in your church.

That all may have life,

Julie Sutton


Sample Itinerary

Date 02/19/2010
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