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It would be a mistake to assume that HTF is one more non-profit organization trying to make good by the rest of the world.  It is.  But it has a radically different understanding of why it's in Haiti in the first place.

To begin with, HTF does not presume to go to Haiti with answers that Haitians don't need.  That would be neo-colonialism.  We go to Haiti not because we have material resources that Haitians do not have, although our material resources are great.  We go to Haiti because we have to.

Someone one said life is figuring out what you have to do, then doing it.  The HTF version of this is a mantra for participants in the HTF Movement - "we need Haiti more than Haiti needs us."

Congregations all around the country who are joining the HTF Movement are finding themselves revitalized and transformed.  This is what happens when people tap into God's vision for the world.  

North American congregations sometimes fall into the trap of thinking they go to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the rest of the world.  Anyone who's ever been on a Vision Trip to Haiti soon realizes that it is Haitians who reveal to us what Jesus is really like.

North American congregations are taking seriously God's invitation to be a blessing to others.  They are finding that the open-hand gesture to give is also the same gesture to receive.

North American congregations are joining the HTF Movement to transform lives, and they are finding that the life transformed is their own.

Click below for a list of North American Congregations currently participating in the HTF Movement.


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HTF Participating Congregations